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How to start a side hustle

As working environments become more flexible and life becomes more demanding, side hustles are becoming an increasingly popular way to make money outside of a traditional 9-5 job.

If you are thinking of making some extra money outside your normal working hours and starting a side hustle, then here are some important tips for you to know to launch a side hustle successfully.

  1. Make your side hustle something you are interested in 

The hard truth is that many of us do not enjoy our day jobs. If this is the case and you are looking to start your own side hustle then make it something that you are interested in or passionate about. A side hustle is something you have to commit to outside working hours, so make sure it is something you will be sure to dedicate your free time to. Love dogs? Start a dog walking business. The opportunities are endless.

  1.  Don’t create a conflict of interest 

Do not launch a side hustle which could create any sort of conflict of interest with your day job. If you are looking to launch your own venture in your current industry, then quit your day job entirely. Do not try and do both at the same time, as you could end up with no jobs.

  • Dedicate time to your side hustle

Make sure you regularly set aside time in your diary to be able to dedicate to your side hustle. This will mean working evenings and weekends at least to begin with, so make sure you put in the extra hours early on to allow you to work with more flexibility further down the line.

  • Don’t start slacking at your day job

Your side hustle needs to be kept on the side, and you must not forget about your day job. Still put in all your effort to your job during the day while it remains your main source of income.

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